Incentives & Abatements

Letter to Business Owners from City Manager (PDF)

Early Renewal Payment

Resident businesses may be eligible for a 2% early renewal payment discount if paid by January 31. For more details, view Municipal Code Section 8-72 Early Payment Discounts.

Anniversary Discount Program

The Anniversary Discount Program rewards longevity and recognizes resident city businesses' contributions and long term commitment to the community. The Anniversary date is based on the resident business license start date, as outlined in the table below. For more information, view details in Municipal Code Section 8-71 Anniversary Discounts.

Anniversary Years
July 2014 Businesses in Years
July 2015 Businesses in Years
July 2016 Businesses in Years
July 2017 Businesses in Years
July 2018 Businesses in Years
July 2019 Businesses in Years
July 2020 Businesses in Years
10 Year
15 Year
20 Year
25 Year
30 Year
35 Year
40 Year
45 Year

Business License Tax Abatement Program

Business License Tax Abatement Program is designed to facilitate business growth in targeted areas and throughout the city. A tax abatement is a reduction of or exemption from taxes for a specified length of time. The abatement amount is based on the time of year that a business commences operations in the City of Greenville.

About the Program

The City of Greenville is a prime location for businesses that make the local economy more relevant to leading trends in the world economy. The Tax Abatement Program is designed to facilitate business growth in targeted areas and throughout the City. You can view an interactive tax abatement map of the city, or view tax abatement zones by location:

Eligibility & Qualifications

The business license tax abatement is for new businesses only. Businesses must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for the abatement. Qualifying businesses include:

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • High Technology Growth businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development

For More Information

For more detailed information about qualifications and eligibility for the Business License Tax Abatement, view the Tax Abatement Ordinance or the Tax Abatement Application.